Ted December 19, 2018

Faith is essential for all Christians. The bible says it is through faith that believers will inherit the Kingdom of God. There are examples in The Bible who have done long hours of meditation prayer to grow in the faith of God. However, due to the struggles and temptations of the world, most people do not have faith in God. Knowing how to grow your faith is very important. This is because a strong faith gives someone ability to push on even during the hard times. Besides, faith helps you seek God more,overcome any fear, and help believers struggling in life. A person with a strong faith like Abraham enjoys a good quality of life. But who can someone develop that strong faith? Below are five ways on how to grow your faith.

1. Reading the Bible

The bible was written to help people produce faith. You cannot have faith without reading the word of God. It is written that you believe that Jesus-Christ is the Messiah, He is the Son of God, and through believing in Him, you have the life. And it is by hearing the word of God that we have faith. Hence, if you want to grow your faith, you need to read the word of God. Have a reading plan, read and understand what the Lord says.

2. Practicing the Word

The bible has commands and instructions for all our are as that include money, relationship, sexuality, worry, fear, anger, and temptations. Once you the read the word, you need to practice what it says.When you put all the instructions and commands into practice, your faith grows and your life starts to change. Even though it might not be easy to put everything into practice, you need to keep on reading the bible for God to give your guidance.

3. Have people of faith around you

If you want to grow your faith, you need to have people with strong faith around you. It is believed that you are an average of 5 people you usually spend your life with. Surrounding yourself with non-believers, they might easily turn you to a non-believer. They will help you or hurt you on matters concerning your faith. Therefore, think about the people you spend it with. If they do not have a strong faith like you, look for other friends.

4. Read good books

There are many books sold on bookshops. If you want to grow  your faith every day, look for good books to read. Apart from reading the Bible, which is the book of faith, some books can help you build your faith and live a good life. Some books will help you learn how to pray, how to have quiet time with God, how to have faith in God, and how you to trust the Lord among many others.

5. Trust God even when in Pain

When you read the Bible regularly, pray a lot, surround yourself with the right people, and read good books, your faith will grow.Also, you should trust in God even when you are in pain or going through difficult times. The Bible says that God uses pain and difficulties to grow faith.