Ted November 23, 2019

As humans, our brains are designed to be biased no matter hard; we try to make sure that everything works better for the statistics. If you have a biased statistics, you have bad statistics. It is important one tries to make sure that they know their statistical bias types which work on the types of […]

Ted June 26, 2019

A person who knows a foreign language does not automatically count as a good translator. To be a good translator, one must have knowledge of the language and should know the correct way to convey it to others, especially when the translation is to non-English speaking crowd. The job of English to Burmese translator and […]

Ted April 19, 2019

Sales are one of the most critical things required for a company to be successful. Sales are essential for the marketing of any product or service and are of utmost importance in making sure that the product being offered reaches its target customers. A company cannot thrive if there is a shortage of good salespeople. […]

Ted December 19, 2018

Faith is essential for all Christians. The bible says it is through faith that believers will inherit the Kingdom of God. There are examples in The Bible who have done long hours of meditation prayer to grow in the faith of God. However, due to the struggles and temptations of the world, most people do […]

Ted September 5, 2018

Islam is one of the most practised faiths in the world. Although the religion has been around for a while, Islam has been subjected to manipulation and demonisation by many to meet interests that concern politics, economics and the society. Here are some interesting things that you need to know about Islam. Islam believes Jesus […]

Ted September 5, 2018

There are several important things to know about Islam. Even though an individual doesn’t consider themselves a Muslim, it is always beneficial to know about all types of religions. Due to the diversity of the world, and the fact that there are many different factors surrounding the importance of religion, including the differences between countries, […]