Ted June 26, 2019

A person who knows a foreign language does not automatically count as a good translator. To be a good translator, one must have knowledge of the language and should know the correct way to convey it to others, especially when the translation is to non-English speaking crowd. The job of English to Burmese translator and some other languages demand a lot because of the complexity of the language. Some qualities of a good translator include:


A good translator is someone who is passionate about his job. They should put all their efforts into trying to deliver each and every project in the best shape possible.


Translation skills

One cannot be considered a good translator only due to his linguistic education. A translator should master the foreign language and also know the skills of translation in the most formal way as possible.


A translators best quality is his curiosity, and a curious translator is always motivated to learn new words and expression. It is a translators job to keep learning and to improve his communication skills.


Rich vocabulary

A good translator grasp of the language not only in the foreign language but also in the mother tongue. It is essential as the translating process is made easier and the quality of the translation is higher. One of the essential qualities of the translator is to acquire a good grasp of technical terms that are used in fields such as business, science, law, etc.



The main goal of a good translator is to express the idea of the client to the source as clearly as possible. A translator should use simple terms to convey his message in the most appealing and convincing way possible while maintaining the fact that there should not be ambiguity in conveying the message.


The quality of translation

As said before, it is the job of a translator to ensure that the quality is not lost in the translation. Try to make sure that with every translation, the vocabulary improves.



To maintain the quality, a good translator has to make use of the resources available to him. This can be in the form of a person, a book, the internet.



A good translator provides an exact transfer of information, even if the source has some mistakes. The translator should not correct it, instead, try to maintain the spirit instead.


A translator can sometimes make mistakes; they are human, after all. If a translator does not know how to translate a word or an expression, be honest. Try to note down the word and start your research; this will help you in future reference.


Humble Pride

A good translator will provide a translation that they are proud of and also if made a mistake needs to be humble enough to accept correction from the editor. The end result of the translator should be the quality of the translations.