Ted September 5, 2018

There are several important things to know about Islam. Even though an individual doesn’t consider themselves a Muslim, it is always beneficial to know about all types of religions.

Due to the diversity of the world, and the fact that there are many different factors surrounding the importance of religion, including the differences between countries, races, languages and above all religion, the fact that it has the power not only to start a war but also end it, is, plays a significant role in this setting we call life.

Why is it important to learn about the religion that is involved with a large scale of war? Well, perhaps because it is a religion that people tend to overlook, rather than try to understand.

Herewith, are five things you need to know about Islam to be able to understand it better as a religion of millions of people all around the world and possibly, even in your own country.

About Islam

What Does Islam mean?


Islam is Arabic, which is also the language that is spoken by most Muslims throughout the Middle East and Africa.The Quran is written in Arabic.
The meaning of Islam means to surrender to Allah, the god, revealed by the prophet, Mohammed.

The Quran

The book Islam is called the Quran, which means recitation. The Quran is the central religious word of Islam. All Muslims believe the book to be a revelation, which was given to them by Allah, whom they know as their god or the higher power of faith. They also believe the Quran to be the only unedited book in religion, compared to any other religion, which is why it is made believable to them.

It is also believed that the Quran was revealed to Muhammad, through an angel named Gabriel, by Allah.
The revelation that was given was given over the course of 23 years, which ended when Mohammad died and left to his companions. They were knowledgeable about the Quran and preserved, which was kept the same up until today.

The chapters in the Quran are referred to as suras, and the verses, ayahs.The first sura is known as the ideal embodiment of Islam and is repeated continuously in prayers, as well as in a time of praise.

Why Islam and Christianity Gets Compared with One Another

In Islam, Christ in Christianity is replaced by Mohammad. In the Quran, Islam has nearly the same old testament than that of which can be found in the Bible. The Muslims, however, do not believe in the new testament.
While Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, which means the saviour of sin and Gods son, the Muslims believe that Mohammed is theirs.